Chemical Drift – aka Rob Sharkey’s All Time Favorite Subject

{A must listen if you live near a farm and have any prejudice or concerns about chemicals infiltrating your garden or property.}

In this episode, Rob and Carrie are chatting about chemicals.

  • Where they go when farmers use them?
  • Are they more dangerous than bug spray?
  • How expensive are they?
  • How are they applied?
  • What should you do if you get “chemical drift” in your yard?
  • What to do if the pesticide gets onto your children’s skin or onto your pets.


  • Farmers: What chemicals do you use? Have you ever drifted a pesticide?
  • Consumers: What is your biggest concern about farmer chemicals invading your personal space?

Listen to the episode here.

We asked for a few examples of farmers spraying their fields, here are some of the responses! (If we missed yours let us know so we can get it added.)

5 Replies to “Chemical Drift – aka Rob Sharkey’s All Time Favorite Subject”

  1. Carrie, toward the end of the show you talk about roads through fields, are the “roads” you see in the fields leading to windmills?

  2. I have started listening to this topic and feel I need to comment. Anhydrous Ammonia,. Yes it stinks but don’t say it is safe to be around . If you see a white cloud, it’s liquid boiling at 28 degrees below can cause severe burns. It can also affect your eyes and lungs. Farmers know this, kids playing in a yard don’t. Diacamba,. It’s in most lawn Weed-B-Gon type products. It can damage trees and bushes from the drift. That’s in the city. Diacamba sprayed on corn and soybeans scares the hell out of me. I am a vegetable farmer. I don’t want “a big check from the insurance company”. Now I will listen to the rest of the podcast

  3. Listened to the last 27 minutes of the podcast. IMO you missed an opportunity to explain why chemicals are used and needed. I did like you pointing out golf course and urban lawns are a huge user of chemicals often by homeowners that have no clue as to what they are doing or why.Read the damm labels people. On my farm, I practice IPM and use pesticides if needed.

  4. Between this one and last pod cast on gardening. I want to know why we cant get GMO or GEO plants, so when my wife gets lazy and stops weeding the garden because its too hot out. That I can just go in and spray something to kill the weeds and not hurt the garden plants.

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